Education Programs for Groups & Organizations

CFC's Community Education Committee has created a variety of slide programs to present at group meetings. We give these programs free of charge to garden clubs, churches, homeowner associations, schools, and other organizations. We will be happy to schedule your group meeting. To request a program send an email to [email protected]. The programs include:

Shade_gardenLandscaping with Native Plants

Learn the importance of incorporating native species into your gardens, and see photos of gorgeous natives for many locations! 1 hour 15 minutes, plus time for questions.




Rain_gardenRain Gardens

Discover how these features purify water, recharge aquifers, and provide a beautiful garden for you and for wildlife. 1 hour, plus time for questions.




ElderberryNative Trees and Shrubs

See how native woody plants provide beauty and ecosystem services on your own property! 1 hour, plus time for questions.




Buckthorn_LeavesInvasive Plant Species

Learn to identify the most invasive and important alien species likely to overrun your yard, and see possible replacement plants. 1 hour, plus time for questions.




American plum_AEarth-friendly Yard Maintenance

The program will help homeowners maintain their properties with proper mulching, planting, and other earth-friendly techniques. They will learn to use fewer pesticides and fertilizer and to protect clean air and water.  1 hour, plus time for questions.






habitat_corridors_logoHabitat Corridors

A brief, 15 minute slide show which encourages people to provide pathways of healthy habitat for wildlife and for people.  May be combined with 1 hour programs.



Purple Prairie Clover_CNeonicotinoid Insecticides

The program explains the use and abuse of systemic insecticides in the home landscape and elucidates the disastrous side-effects of using these products. 15 minutes, may be combined with other programs.