Community Programs

Citizens for Conservation runs a number of community programs throughout the year. Our major programs include the Native Seed Gardeners and Habitat Corridors programs, and our annual spring and fall plant sales, where we offer hundreds of native plant species to the public. To learn more, select a program below. We encourage you to participate and welcome any questions you may have about getting involved!

Habitat Corridors

Habitat Corridors is a program developed by Citizens for Conservation to educate and assist local property owners in using their land in an area-wide expansion of native habitats that encourage native birds and butterflies and the plants and space they need.

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Land, Water, and Species Monitoring

Monitoring ecosystems helps us determine our success in restoring native habitat and warns us if an area is suffering declining health.

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Annual Native Plant Sales

Thousands of native plants have been sold to area residents and businesses which encourages re-establishment of those species in and around the Barrington area. Our plant database can be used as a resource for native plant species throughout the year.

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