Make your Property Part of a Habitat Corridor!

CFC’s Habitat Corridors is based around a map of the Barrington area; we will mark on the map each property that is striving to provide healthy habitat for people and for wildlife.  While our focus is the area shown on the map, we are happy to provide assistance to anyone looking to create a more habitat friendly property. Email us at [email protected] to let us know how we can help.

Our volunteers will make site visits and mark on a map the results of that visit. When a property owner emails us, we will schedule a site assessment to make recommendations for changes that are beneficial for critters and for children and property owners. Our suggestions will range from native plants to rainwater solutions to invasive species identification. A CFC volunteer and a knowledgeable and experienced native plant person will visit.

Habitat Corridors will provide a yard sign to properties which meet our criteria as verified at a visit. Signs will be awarded without charge to CFC members. Residents invested in using native plants and healthy yard maintenance practices qualify for the sign.