CFC's Junior Naturalist Program Registration

Program details:
Beginning Naturalists Camp (4-6 year olds): June 12 - June 16 Beginning Naturalist Camp full. Registration closed.
Junior Naturalists Camp (7-10 year olds): Monday, June 19, through Friday, June 23
Both classes at CFC Headquarters, 459 w. Hwy 22, Lake Barrington, IL 60022

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I hereby release Citizens for Conservation from any responsibility for injury to me, my child(ren), family members or guests that may occur during the class for which I am registering. If you are bringing children: The person filling out this form, a parent or guardian of the above-entered child(ren), hereby assumes all responsibility for injuries which may result from normal activities for the above program(s) for which child(ren) is/are hereby enrolled and hereby releases Citizens for Conservation for any such responsibility.
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