Pokeweed Pops Up

Diane Greening Ask CFC

  Recently we received a plant identification question from S.B. of North Barrington. A plant that was new to her had shown up in her woods. She sent this photo, and I identified the plant as Phytolacca americana, pokeweed. It is a weedy native species that shows up in disturbed, moist woods. She had mentioned removing buckthorn, so pokeweed found …

What are the yellow bugs on my milkweed plants?

Diane Greening Ask CFC

Those yellow bugs are aphids which are sucking the juices of the milkweed. Small aphid populations are not serious; they may cause a little distortion of the leaves or buds, but they rarely harm the plant. This is especially true since beneficial insects will be attracted by the aphids and will control them. The most familiar of these predators is …

Ask CFC – Our Latest Public Education Initiative

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Citizens for Conservation receives many questions about restoration, gardening, conservation, and other nature-related topics.  When we get a good question that we think others will benefit from, we will post it, along with an answer from one of our many CFC experts for that topic.

Barrington Area Bird Hikes this Fall!

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Cosponsored by Audubon Chicago Region and Citizens for Conservation The Autumn Bird Hikes have concluded for 2014.   But you can always visit your local Forest Preserve or read Wendy Paulson’s series about the Birds of Barrington.

Festival of the Oaks

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Saturday, October 11 Lake Barrington Village Hall, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Citizens for Conservation will host a new event celebrating Barrington’s oak groves. Join us in our efforts to maintain the oak ecosystem in our area by bringing acorns in a Ziploc bag with a leaf from the tree they were collected from. These will help us generate seedlings …

Baker’s Lake Bird Count

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Jim Bodkin from Citizens for Conservation (CFC); Robert Sliwinski, Senior Wildlife Biologist from Christopher Burke Engineering, and Tom Benjamin, also from Citizens for Conservation paddle a canoe around Barrington’s Baker’s Lake Island Rookery  to complete the annual nesting count of herons, egrets, and cormorants. Black-crowned Night Herons. Photo by Jim Bodkin Four Black-crowned Night Heron nests were observed.  These timid …

Remarkable Woman: Wendy Paulson, birder and conservationist

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Chicago Tribune June 15, 2013 | By Jenniffer Weigel It takes a trained ear to know the call of the grasshopper sparrow. Or a bobolink. Or even a meadowlark.  For Wendy Paulson, standing in the grasslands of North Barrington and focusing her telescope on a rare savannah sparrow for all to see, it brings her great joy. “Be sure to …

Caring in Action: CFC helps natural habitats to thrive

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“Saving Living Space for Living Things” is Citizens for Conservation’s motto. This organization is a perfect fit for “Caring in action”, since for this group, caring about saving our natural habitat comes with a great deal of action. And we can all take part. We talked with staff director Sam Oliver about the organization, its diverse projects and the fun …

GO LIVE! at CFC’s Flint Creek Savanna

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The final Go Live date is October 5, 2014, for the Interactive Feature at Citizens for Conservation’s Flint Creek Savanna. The Flint Creek Savanna trails will be open to the public from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Six plaques will be posted along the trail with QR Codes that can access videos of CFC Restoration Experts telling about the Founder Waid …