Scouts, Schools & Group Programs

CFC can offer to your group: local experts, certified teachers and award winning  conservation experience. CFC has provided Pre K – College level conservation education for over 45 years. We partner to integrate current learning objectives into our programs such as our nationally recognized Prairie Programs partnership with D220 since 2009. We present hands-on learning experiences with birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects, mammals, plants and fish. Nature history education topics include how Native Americans respected and used elements of nature along with the evolution of Illinois prairies. Let us discuss how to integrate our outdoor experiences with your learning standards and program objectives.

Learning Experiences & Field Trips

Animals in Winter – Ages 3-7- Discover tracks in the snow. Learn about hibernation and migration. How do animals find food? Take a hike to discover winter creatures.

Birds – Ages 3-18- Learn how to spot, identify birds visually and by their songs. Find bird nests, and learn what different birds eat. *Owl pellets lab available. Go on a bird walk.

Animal Homes & Habitats – Ages 3-11-Learn where and how various animals build their homes. What materials and foods do they need? How can we help animals have a good home?

Insects & Spiders – Ages 6-14-Learn about life cycles, food, characteristics, and their importance in ecosystems. Use bug viewers for up-close observations.

Mammals – Ages 3-18-Learn about Mammals of Illinois, how to find signs of where they’ve been, nocturnal mammals, examine skeletons and skulls.

Plant Life Cycles – Ages 6-10-Learn about life cycles of plants and different plant communities. How do plants determine ecosystems? What animals depend on various plants? Plant your own native seeds.

Pond Study – Ages 9-18-Use nets to capture the many types of animals found in wetland environments. Observe plants, learn metamorphosis of macroinvertebrates and amphibians.

Amphibians & Reptiles – Ages 3-12-Learn characteristics and differences. What habitats are these creatures found in? Examine snake skins, turtle shells, find tadpoles, and take a hike to find their homes.

Mighty Acorns – Ages 8-11-Take a habitat restoration field trip to help save oak trees and learn how you can help Illinois savannas and woodlands.


Learn by doing and helping nature.

CFC provides volunteer opportunities to learn by doing at our weekly restoration workdays. Family-friendly events, led by experts, providing fun learning. Learn more >