Flint Creek Savanna Preserve Expanded

On March 19, 2015, CFC announced the acquisition  of approximately thirteen acres located along Flint Creek in the Pepper Road Business Park in the Village of Lake Barrington. This builds on CFC’s successful efforts to acquire a vacant lot of over two acres near the Lake Barrington Field House, and its close collaboration with the Village of Lake Barrington to incorporate into its existing preserve land it has obtained from the vacated Foley Court road off Henry Lane. With these latest additions, CFC’s Flint Creek Savanna preserve now extends to over 146 acres.
CFC’s Land Preservation Chairman Alberto Moriondo stated, “Over the past ten years, we’ve embarked on an aggressive campaign to expand our award-winning Flint Creek Savanna preserve, through land donations, selective acquisitions and working closely with local municipalities like the Village of Lake Barrington that believe in saving open space. We are very pleased to add this latest parcel of land along Flint Creek on Industrial Avenue in the Pepper Road Business Park since it provides a buffer to protect the valuable natural resource that is Flint Creek.” Mr. Moriondo added, “our vision for Flint Creek Savanna is to create a large preserve along Flint Creek from our headquarters on Illinois Route 22 all the way to US Route 14. It will be restored to its natural habitat with the aid of our volunteers and in the process will help protect this very critical water recharge area for the community.”

Since 2005, CFC has been successful in securing over 120 acres of open space in the Barrington area, both directly and by working with private entities and local governments. With this new addition, CFC now owns over 430 acres and for the past 44 years has helped protect almost 3,500 acres in the Barrington area.  CFC’s Land Preservation Committee believes that current market conditions remain very favorable for land preservation and is committed to continuing its programs in the months and years ahead.

Flint Creek Savanna Addition 2015_map