CFC offers college and high school paid internships. We can also provide support for college and graduate study projects.

College Internships

Our  college-level summer internships, established in 1993, are a 10-week paid program that provides college students in the environmental sciences hands-on experience in restoration management methods and techniques. A number of interns have gone on to successful careers in environmental fields.

For the ten-week period beginning in late May, our interns actively participate in the ongoing restoration of CFC properties. Activities include planting native sedge/forbs, seed gathering, weeding, brush cutting and removing invasive species. Interns work outdoors in all types of weather, and need to be physically fit and capable of moderately high levels of exertion.

In addition to the restoration activities, interns may assist in CFC's Youth Education program designed to inspire and encourage an understanding of the environment in our young naturalists.

Check back here in mid December 2019 for information about summer 2020 internship opportunities.

Candidates should be currently enrolled in college with a preferred area of study in the environmental sciences or a related field.
High School Internships

Our high school-level summer internships are a one-week program  similar to our college internship program. Candidates should be involved in environmental studies or clubs with an interest in conservation.

Check back here in mid December 2019 for information about summer 2020 internship opportunities.

Working Conditions: Interns will work outdoors and participate in diverse environmental stewardship activities with the opportunity to learn from various professionals in the field. Activities will occur on varied terrain and in variable weather conditions making the work sometimes strenuous. CFC interns will be actively engaged in the restoration of lands located in the Barrington, IL area. Interns will participate in a diverse set of tasks relating to land stewardship including: preparing seed beds, planting sedge and other plugs, seed gathering, and removing non-native invasive plants (particularly sweet clover, reed canary and garlic mustard). The program activities are coordinated by a restoration expert who provides program leadership.

College and Graduate Studies Support

CFC experts can provide support for college level programs and projects. Contact us for more information.  [email protected] or call 847-382-7283.