Habitat Corridors

Habitat Corridors is a program developed by Citizens for Conservation in 2014 to educate and assist local property owners in using their land in an area-wide expansion of native habitats that encourage native birds and butterflies and the plants and space they need. Corridors rather than isolated parcels of land are critical to helping species find the food, shelter, and breeding opportunities they need to thrive. Every yard, no matter how small, becomes part of the solution.

Property owners can create a beautiful landscape by using native prairie grasses and wildflowers, woodland plants, and native trees and shrubs—and there’s no need for pesticides, fertilizers, or excessive watering or mowing.

Home visits are a benefit of CFC membership. If you are not a member there is a $25 charge for a CFC volunteer to visit your property. Volunteers educate homeowners on creating healthy habitat in their yards, help identify native and invasive species and offer advice on native plants appropriate for their properties. Properties whose owners are working to create natural, healthy habitat are included on a map showing how privately-owned property contributes to the area greenway corridor that CFC continues to develop.

More than 250 properties in the greater Barrington area have received Habitat Corridor visits. The program is a model for a new regional initiative to expand habitat on privately-owned land in the broader Chicago area.

Explore the Habitat Corridors website to learn more about this exciting program or email us at [email protected] to sign up for a site visit.