CFC’s beginnings

The Barrington community is known for its open green spaces and natural character. This is the result of forward thinking and actions by a dedicated group of individuals.

In 1970, area residents met to discuss the damage that suburban growth was causing to Barrington’s environment. Creeping development represented a threat to lakes, streams, savannas, wetlands and prairies. Sprawl was destroying native habitats as well as many rare species of plants and animals dependent on those habitats.

To assure that native plants and wildlife would continue to exist in the Barrington area, it was vital to preserve and protect their habitats. With that goal, Citizens for Conservation was incorporated in 1971 as Barrington’s own nonprofit conservation organization.

The initial charter set in 1971 called for the group to protect and improve the quality of life in the Barrington area through protection and restoration of land, and education to the community. It adopted as its mission statement: Saving living space for living things through protection, restoration and stewardship of land, conservation of natural resources and education.