Youth and Young Adult Education


CFC is a not for profit organization of volunteers.

* A small donation is requested to cover costs for class materials and preparation.



Through CFC’s Youth Education programs, young people learn to understand, appreciate, and respect the importance of the natural world. Youth Ed programs help develop environmental stewards of the future through programs on nature and conservation throughout the year and popular summer camps for two different age groups. Young Adult Education expands high school and college students’ conservation experiences through focused workshops, workdays, field trips, and advisory mentorships.

Discover Nature

Come explore Illinois ecosystems with us. Pick prairie grass seeds and learn about native flowers; catch frogs and fish in wetlands and creeks; catch insects and look for butterflies and birds; walk through the woodlands and discover our giant oaks. Use your 5 senses to listen for birds, smell the flowers, hunt for animal tracks, and so much more. Use nets, “bug viewers”, binoculars and microscopes to understand what is going on around us when we take a closer look at nature!

For outdoor events, please wear the proper clothing to help make your experience enjoyable. Always dress  for the weather and  activity. Remember to wear comfortable shoes or boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

Schools, Scouts & Group Programs

Providing memorable nature-based learning experiences is a hallmark of CFC. We can support your group’s objectives and programs, when you need them, by sharing  our outstanding resources, expertise and proven learning experiences. Helping youth experience the joy of nature helps build future generations of conservation stewards.

Local field trips, coupled with hands-on activities and information can support your objectives. We make learning fun. See our menu of plant, animal and nature experiences. Learn more >


We provide a number of special learning experiences scheduled throughout the year.  Each is a unique adventure focusing on different aspects of nature. Events include hands-on learning of: astronomy, monitoring moths at night, observing butterflies and stages of their life cycle, and seining for native fish and aquatic creatures. Learn more >

Educational Resources, Speaker Bureau & Internships

CFC can provide presentations for young people that include visual and hands-on information. Each are 30-45 minutes in length. We also can provide college and graduate students support in environmental studies. Please contact us at: [email protected] or call 847-382-7283. Topics include >