Community Education

Group gathers for yard walk

The purpose of CFC's Community Education Committee is to inspire and equip local residents to lead environmentally friendly lives. We are a community resource helping homeowners to make simple changes in daily activities that will allow them to exist seamlessly in a healthy natural environment. We are especially involved in home landscaping. Community Education develops and delivers programs and materials that involve many aspects of connecting people with nature.

If you are looking for a program for your organization, you can go to our For Groups page to see what we offer. Our community programs for 2019 are listed below.

Creating Healthy Habitat for the Rusty-patched Bumblebee

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Aurelia Nichols, Researcher

In 2017, Bombus affinis, the rusty- patched bumblebee, became the first bumblebee to be listed as federally endangered. How can we help them?

Learn what ecosystems B. affinis inhabits, the stages of its life cycle, its habitat needs, and what specific plants native to our area offer healthy bumblebee nutrition. By supporting the recovery of B. affinis, we can help safeguard other pollinators.

Aurelia’s prime interest is in the relationship between plants and their pollinators and how healthy habitat establishment through landscape design can support their survival. Her research focus includes B. affinis, the rusty-patched bumblebee. She holds a BA from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Northwestern University. Currently, she’s working on a degree in Horticulture.

Habitat Makeover: Adding Value to Your Landscape

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Andy Stahr, Landscape Architect and Ecologist

Hear a unique perspective on successfully integrating natural areas into home landscapes. Stahr will introduce a wildlife value rating tool that one can use to evaluate a landscape’s current wildlife value as well as a plan for increasing its value through adaptive gardening.

Andy has more than a decade of award-winning experience as a design professional in both the public and private sectors as well as in the ecological restoration contracting industry. When it comes to the creation or restoration of aesthetically positive natural areas and sustainable landscapes, Andy provides field-tested insight as to what works – both on paper and in the field. Andy serves as the Principal Landscape Architect and Ecologist for ecology + vision, LLC. He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois.

Favorite Native Plants: Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Grasses

Saturday March 9, 2019

Meredith C. Tucker, Naturalist and Chair of CFC’s Habitat Corridors program

Our favorite presenter will share some favorite native plants that are popular with her Habitat Corridors homeowners. These plants grow successfully in various conditions in our area. Come get some ideas for your yard and be ready to order from the plant sale this spring.

Meredith is a naturalist who shares her enthusiasm for using native plants to create healthy habitat for all the valuable critters we want in our yards – the birds, butterflies and other insects. Native plants nourish these native bugs and birds and provide beautiful and useful habitat on homeowners’ properties. She is a former board member and president of Citizens for Conservation and founder and director of Habitat Corridors which provides site visits to homeowners, providing advice to improve habitat in their yards.

A Morning with Rachel Carson

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Leslie Goddard, Actress and Scholar

Providing a portrayal of an influential and important woman from the past, this presentation is significant to environmental issues today. Imagine having a conversation with Rachel Carson, scientist and author of Silent Spring, about what led her to write this seminal wake-up call about the dangers of the pesticide DDT and the process to get Congress to ban it. This program is entertaining as well as informative.

Leslie is an award-winning actress and scholar who has been performing historical characters for over 10 years. She holds a PhD from Northwestern University in American Studies and US History as well as a Masters degree in theater.

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Programs begin at 10:00 a.m. and end by 11:30. Come for coffee, conversation and handouts at 9:30. CFC members attend free as a benefit of membership. Program fee is $10 for non-members.

All programs will be held at the Barrington Village Hall at 200 South Hough Street in Barrington. Convenient free parking in lot behind the building.