Native Plants

CFC promotes the use of native plants in home landscaping and restorations.  Plants native to our area improve habitat for birds and pollinators, control storm and rainwater, eliminate the need for herbicides and pesticides, sequester carbon in the soil, and are beautiful!

Native Plant Database

A searchable resource that contains names, descriptions and photos of forbs, grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees for various growing conditions. These plants are available at CFC’s spring plant sale. Some of these trees and shrubs are also available for CFC’s fall sale.

Native Plant Sales

Each year CFC offers property owners the opportunity to purchase over 200 different native species at our spring and fall plant sales, Orders can be placed online in March and April each year for the spring sale that is held on the first weekend in May. (Create links when orders are active.)  Trees and shrubs are sold annually by pre-order only in August to be picked up in September. (Create links when orders are active.) Throughout the rest of the year, you can browse our native plant database to plan your purchases for our next sale.

Habitat Corridors

Habitat Corridors is a program developed by Citizens for Conservation to educate homeowners on creating healthy habitat in their yards, to help identify native and invasive species and offer advice on native plants appropriate for their properties. Volunteer visits are free and by appointment with the homeowner. The goal is to expand habitat in the greater Barrington area yard by yard to create a corridor that will support birds, pollinators and other wildlife.

Native Plant Lists

A comprehensive list of native plants in categories, with botanic and common names.

How to plan and plant a native buffer for stream bank or lake shore.

Notable Natives

Comprehensive information about recommended native plants, trees and shrubs that have been highlighted in the CFC News.

Native Gardens Seed Collection

Photos and helpful information guide on how and when to collect ripe seeds from native plants you have in your garden. Successful collection of viable seed requires an understanding of when and how to collect; how to store and process; and when to sow. Photos include dates showing approximate time to collect each species of seed. Guide courtesy of CFC partner Lake County Forest Preserve.