Junior Naturalist Home Education Series

Citizens for Conservation provides a fun and educational series of activity books called Junior Naturalist for children from pre-school through sixth grade to teach them about the natural world. By explaining the diversity of life that resides in our ponds, our open spaces, and even our own back yards, the activity books provide children the opportunity to appreciate and respect nature.

Children are naturally curious or inquisitive, and the Junior Naturalist series offers a chance for adults to spend quality time with children, to guide them in understanding more about insects, mammals, reptiles, and birds. In addition, the books reinforce the concept of walking quietly while exploring and treading lightly to keep from crushing insects or plants. They teach children to stay alert with their eyes and ears and to help a flower grow by not picking it.

The Wildlife Coloring Book for Beginning Naturalists provides beautiful illustrations created by a past CFC volunteer, along with a wide variety of educational material about mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles. Junior Naturalist is appropriate for children from pre-kindergarten to first grade. Junior Naturalist II is geared for second and third grade children while Junior Naturalist III, the last activity book, is targeted for second through sixth grades.

By completing the activities in these books and having an adult fill out the form at the end of the book, students receive a Junior Naturalist badge for each completed book and a special certificate with the completion of the full series.

The Junior Naturalist activity books are available at Citizens for Conservation for five dollars each. Please call 847-382-SAVE for further information or to purchase the books.