Board of directors and consultants


Kathleen Leitner, President

Kathleen is a civic-minded attorney, and was a multi-term Village President of Tower Lakes. She was an 8-year member of the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG), serving as Executive Board Chairperson in 2011. Afterwards she continued to remain active at BACOG by serving on Legislative, Finance, Policy and Long-Range Planning committees. Kathleen represented BACOG in the formation of the 70-community NW Water Planning Alliance, a collaborative plan to share groundwater resources. Kathleen is an active community volunteer and the founder and member of the Tower Lakes Community Foundation.



Ralph Tarquino, Vice President

Ralph is a current board member known for stepping up for whatever needs to be done. He has helped lead strategic planning and brings extensive experience in planning, implementation and control of projects. Ralph is an active member in The Nature Conservancy, Audubon, and a LCFP Volunteer at Grassy Lake.





Edith Auchter, Treasurer

Edith will be returning as Treasurer. She is a past CFC President and has been a long term member and volunteer. She also helps lead the annual 3rd Graders on the Prairie Program and previously served on the D220 School Board.





Leslie Coolidge, Secretary

Leslie is a current board member and publishes the CFC Newsletter. She is a Chicago Academy of Sciences and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum board member, Emeritus director of International Crane Foundation, and Treasurer of Riding Club of Barrington Hills. Leslie is also a member of Spring Creek Stewards.






Larry Anglada

Larry has been an active CFC volunteer long before his recent retirement. Larry’s advanced degrees in Zoology, Biology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Secondary Education (with additional research in conservation) make him a good fit for his expanded role. He also holds (8) distinguished state and national level awards and recognitions for education and teaching. Larry has been an instructor in all levels of Biology and Environmental Studies, including college level Advanced Placement programs, and looks forward to utilizing his broad experience to explore new partnerships with local schools and colleges.




Mark Younger

Mark is creating a new role, one of sponsorship and further engagement with the community. He brings over 25 years of experience as a certified arborist, was past President of the IL Arborist Association, and later the Municipal Director of the 501(c)3 Tree Fund supporting education. Mark brings his enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity along with business and local connections. He will lead this new committee and important effort. Mark is a familiar face to those who volunteer for restoration events.



Patty Barten, Tom Benjamin, Gene Branson, Barbara Cragan, Annamarie Lukes, Alberto Moriondo, Karen Rosene, Peggy Simonsen, Steve Smith, Ginger Underwood, Gail Vanderpoel, James Vanderpoel,

Directors Emeriti David Kullander, Meredith C. Tucker

Consultants Janet Agnoletti, Bob Kosin, Patsy Mortimer, Sam Oliver, Steve Packard, Wendy Paulson, Meredith C. Tucker, Chuck Westcott

Administrative Manager Juli LaRocque

Restoration Program Manager Kevin Scheiwiller

Barrington High School Liaison Maren Prokup '19