What’s the best replacement for my dying ash tree?

Removing dead and dying ash trees is a sad task and an expensive one, but look on the bright side. The ash was the tree of choice for developers and municipalities looking for a fast-growing, cheap tree to plant on parkways and in yards. You can do better; consider their demise as a great opportunity to plant some native trees.
Trees native to the Barrington area are used to our weather, our hydrology, and our insects. They only need watering during the first year or two after planting. Don’t fertilize them and don’t use insecticides. These trees provide habitat for the little critters that feed our nestlings, adult birds, and amphibians.
Select the right tree for your location, and you will have a strong, beautiful, healthy tree for decades to come. Most are available by pre-order at CFC’s spring and fall native plant and tree sales.
Bur Oak_AOak — the most important species to plant. Most species want full sun and medium soil moisture. Some species are moderately fast growing.
Quercus macrocarpa Bur Oak
Quercus alba White Oak
Quercus rubra Red Oak — tolerates light shade
Quercus bicolor Swamp White Oak — needs moist but not wet soil
Linden or Basswood — Tilia americana — likes full sun but takes some shade and medium soil moisture. Fast growing and perfectly shaped. “The bee tree” — do not plant if you use any systemic insecticides as you will lure bees to their deaths.
Hackberry — Celtis occidentalis — Full sun, medium to slightly wet soil. Fast growing and tough. A great street tree.
Sugar Maple — Acer saccharum — Shade-loving in medium to dry-medium soil. Beautiful fall color.
Birch — all species like moist soil and full sun. Often have beautiful bark.
Betula nigra River Birch
Betula papyrifera Paper Birch
Smaller trees
Serviceberry — Amerlanchier sp. — Several native species, tolerate light shade but prefer sun. Medium to damp soil moisture. Great berries for birds.
Blue beech — Carpinus caroliniana — Not a beech, a beautiful, symmetrical tree in full sun; tolerates light shade. Medium soil moisture.

Always orBlue beech_Ader by Latin name so that you get the species you want. Never purchase cultivars; they are not “the real thing.”