Citizens for Conservation Earth Day Volunteers Hike Out


CFC Earth Day volunteers prepare legume seeds, harvested last fall in CFC preserves, for spring planting in Flint Creek Savanna. Legumes are a key family in the overall ecosystem. Photo by Rob Neff

The weather was perfect for Citizens for Conservation’s Earth Day workday on Sat. April 18 as new volunteers joined those who work every week year- round restoring native habitat in the greater Barrington Area.  The project on this Earth Day was to prepare and then scratch in legume seed that had been harvested last fall and saved for spring planting.
“CFC plants legume seed in all of its restorations, primarily the prairies and savannas,” said Tom Vanderpoel,  CFC’s  Restoration Chairman. “ Legumes are important to the ecosystem because they have an association with bacteria, also sown with the seed,  that fixes nitrogen.  The nitrogen promotes health to the legumes and surrounding plants, making legumes a key family in the overall ecosystem. “
After preparing the seeds, the volunteers hiked out in Flint Creek Savanna to scratch in the legume seeds and begin a new season of growth.  The hike back to CFC Headquarters made for hearty appetites and appreciation of the special Earth Day refreshments at the end of a busy and productive morning.


A first group of CFC Earth Day volunteers hikes out into Flint Creek Savanna to scratch in legume seeds which are planted in all of CFC’s prairies and savannas and can only be successfully sown in the spring time. Photo by Rob Neff.