Watersheds Partnership Program – Creating Riparian Landscapes – July 10 from 10 until noon

But What Will the Neighbors Think?
Creating Riparian Landscapes That Are Easy on the Eye and Great for the Environment!

Speaker: Bob Kirschner, Curator of Aquatic Plant & Urban Lake Studies and Director of Restoration Ecology, Chicago Botanic Garden. The program will begin at 10:00 AM at the Barrington Area Library, 505 N. Northwest Hwy, Barrington. This program is sponsored by the Flint Creek/Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership.

Let’s face it: native plantings along the edges of lakes and streams are sometimes viewed as being too messy and “weedy”—as compared to a more typical home landscape where foliage color, abundance of flowers, and seasonal interest are all considered important. Thoughtful integration of such “gardening” aesthetics into riparian landscapes, together with defining features such as pathways and edging, combine to create visual “cues to care” that reinforce the landscape’s intention while still providing considerable ecological benefit to the waterway. We’ll take a look at how thoughtful design and careful selection of native plants can turn shoreline landscapes into ones that enhance water quality and habitat—AND are the envy of your neighbors!

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