Educational Resources, Speaker Bureau & Internships


CFC can provide presentations and speakers supporting programs for young people ages 6 – 18. Includes  visual and hands-on information, speakers, and are 30-45 minutes in length.

Topics Include:

How Ecosystems Services Work for Us – Learn about the benefits of healthy ecosystems and how we can help protect them. Discuss biodiversity, pollinators, healthy water systems, sequestering carbon, and enjoying our natural environments.

Native Landscaping – An introduction to native plants that grow well in Illinois. Learn why these plants survive and how they make our ecosystems healthy.

Natural History of the Prairie in Northern Illinois – Why is Illinois called the prairie state? Learn what happened to the vast prairies found here in the past. Find out what is being done to restore these special and rare ecosystems.

Oaks of Lake/Cook County – Learn about the magnificent giants found in our area. Find out about the importance of oaks, latest research on this topic, and how you can help.

Planting for Pollinators – How to create a butterfly garden in your own backyard. Growing native plants and using environmentally friendly methods bring important habitats for pollinators.



High School & College Students

Citizens for Conservation provides college and high students majoring in the environmental sciences a hands-on learning experience through our summer internship program.

Interns take part in innovative restoration techniques being undertaken at various stages of the land management/restoration cycle.

Inquire or apply at: [email protected].

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