Citizens for Conservation Celebrates Barrington’s 150th Birthday

In celebration of Barrington’s Sesquicentennial year, CFC’s board of directors has set goals this year of 150 in many of our major functions.

  • We intend to add 150 hours of restoration volunteer time to last year’s record-setting 3500 hours!
  • CFC is committed to helping save an average of 150 acres of ecologically valuable land in the Barrington area per year for the next five years, by purchase and by collaborating with the forest preserves and villages.
  • We plan to count at least 150 species of prairie plants at our Grigsby Prairie, which will be a spectacle of blooms as the summer progresses.
  • We anticipate seeding 150 acres of woodlands with seed collected from our prolific preserves this year.
  • We are well on our way to spotting 150 species of birds on bird walks led by Wendy Paulson and co-sponsored with Audubon of Chicago Region.In five woodland, wetland and prairie walks so far this spring, birders have identified 99 species!
  • We are also close to our goal of 150 new members in 2015. Spurred on by 80 new members who enrolled at our plant sale in early May, plus those who joined at our various activities and recent membership drive, we have already achieved 148 new members!
  • CFC’s plant sale team exceeded the goal of offering 150 species of native plants at our recent sale. In fact we sold thousands of plants of 220 species, including seven species of milkweed!
  • We also have a goal of achieving 150 native plants put in by homeowners in our Habitat Corridors initiative. This is an enthusiastically received program to encourage homeowners to use environmentally sound yard practices, to remove invasive species and to plant native plants that support desirable wildlife.
  • We have set a financial goal of 150 new donors in 2015. Donations from individuals are CFC’s primary source of funding, and we are grateful for our financial supporters.
  • CFC’sYouth Education Committee is well on their way to achieve a goal of having at least 150 kids participate in exciting classes, Jr Naturalist Camp and Kidfest in 2015.
  • In the fall CFC hosts all the classes of fourth graders School District 220 for a visit to our prairies as part of their science curriculum. Our sesquicentennial goal is to record 150 prairie plants, trees, birds, butterflies and reptiles identified by the visiting 4th graders.

CFC will also participate in Barrington’s Sesquicentennial 4th of July parade. Our “decade” is 1865-1875, the first years of Barrington’s existence as a village on the prairies of northern Illinois. We chose that decade because of our land preservation and restoration efforts to return land to the ecosystems of that time.