55 CFC volunteers march in 4th of July parade

Our float in the 4th of July parade featured the Super Sandhill Crane who thrives in Barrington’s Open Space.  Our Banner read …

Nature’s Superheroes are Saved by CFC Volunteers

Super heroes like:

  • Smooth Green Snake; Super Camouflager – Invisible – Silent – Leaving No Trace
  • Little Brown Bat; Super Insect Zapper – Flies by Sonar – Consumes 600 insects per HOUR
  • Pale Purple Coneflower (Echinacea); Super Power Healer – Rich in Nectar
  • Monarch Butterfly; Super Traveler – Navigates 2,500 miles against all odds

CFC volunteers Take Out the BAD GUYs for Nature’s Superheroes –  Come Join Them…

… Dig – Pull – Cut!