55 CFC volunteers march in 4th of July parade

Our float in the 4th of July parade featured the Super Sandhill Crane who thrives in Barrington’s Open Space.  Our Banner read ...

Nature’s Superheroes are Saved by CFC Volunteers

Super heroes like:

  • Smooth Green Snake; Super Camouflager – Invisible – Silent - Leaving No Trace
  • Little Brown Bat; Super Insect Zapper - Flies by Sonar - Consumes 600 insects per HOUR
  • Pale Purple Coneflower (Echinacea); Super Power Healer – Rich in Nectar
  • Monarch Butterfly; Super Traveler - Navigates 2,500 miles against all odds

CFC volunteers Take Out the BAD GUYs for Nature’s Superheroes –  Come Join Them…

… Dig – Pull – Cut!